BnF Scribbles is meant to be an educational resource site for STEM subjects and any software, business, or design skills related to the area.  The BnF stands for the initials of my name and my dog's name(Brian and Firefox). The scribbles just stands for the random yet creative thoughts that I always put down on paper.

I want to create an interactive way of learning online that tries to engage the learner. I am putting in a bit of work each day to help build a growing community that supports education in STEM areas as well as the many programs used within STEM careers.  There are many people who wish to learn online and  I want to create an effective online environment that will allow the learner to think and experience the benefits of education.

The first phase will be to simply flush out the site with actual content and try to make clear goals within each category.  The second part will be to integrate multimedia in the form of video instruction, downloadable resources, interactive flash activities, project/problem based activities. The third part will be to create pre and post assessments and surveys to better develop content.

The vision of BnF Scribbles is to create instruction that enables the learner to understand how to think instead of simply telling them what to think.

BnF Scribbles is working hard and organizing the structure of the site, creating content, and finding time for sleep.  If you are interested in helping in any way or simply would like to find more information feel free to contact us at info@bnfscribbles.com

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