Newtonian Mechanics

Newtonian mechanics is focused on using Newton’s laws of motion. This branch of physics focuses on how these physical laws describe the motion of bodies when they are under the action of a system of forces. This branch is one of the longest studied subjects and is often referred to as classical mechanics.

Each section below will have a pretest to test your understanding of common concepts in the area of mechanics. The test will help identify any areas of misunderstanding for you to quickly find the topics you need to study. You can use the explanation section to read an overview of the topic and view videos of solutions to problems. The self evaluation at the end is used to see if you mastered the required concepts for each section.

  • Newtonian Mechanics
    Areas of study for Newtonian Mechanics

    • Kinematics
      1. Pretest
      2. Explanation
      3. Video
      4. Self Evaluation
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